What they're saying.

Paul Lucas’ work in branding and marketing credit unions has merited coverage in Credit Union Journal on countless occasions due to its innovative nature and the results it has driven. Lots of credit unions rebrand, but few get it right, and Paul has demonstrated repeatedly that his client credit unions get it right. Moreover, his expertise has made him a popular speaker at several of Credit Union Journal’s Grow Show conferences, with attendees leaving with notebooks full of takeaways from Paul’s presentations.
Frank J. Diekmann

Paul and Mary Lucas took on a challenge when they started working with our growing CUSO in early 2008.  We knew just enough about marketing and branding to be dangerous; but not enough to establish a corporate brand identity needed to continue the growth we had enjoyed the previous seven years. They took the time to understand our business, service mentality and the value-add we provide our clients. From there, they helped us hone in on the new messaging, logo and tagline needed to drive our growth.

We are now on the road to success! We are extremely pleased with the new DigitalMailer brand and strategy that Paul and Mary Lucas created for us. When working with them you get WAY more than you pay for!
Ron Daly, President/ CEO
DigitalMailer, Inc., Herndon, Virginia   


There are good consultants and so-so consultants. Paul Lucas is an excellent consultant. If you want a professional, classy and state of the art marketing program, contact him. He is easy to work with, motivating to staff and management and always available for questions or advice. He has taught me more about marketing in one year than I can say I knew in the last twenty-five. Thanks, Paul!
Barb Michael, President/CEO
Prairieland Federal Credit Union, Normal, Illinois        

Hiring a third party is not always predictable as we know, but Paul Lucas delivered on all levels. I have never seen a consultant jump in so quickly and thoroughly to get the job done. Paul was not just worth the money we paid, his contributions have been worth far more than we could afford to pay. He has exceeded the expectation of myself, my senior team and my board without question.
Sundie L. Seefried, President/ CEO
Partner Colorado Credit Union, Denver, Colorado